Interactive Map of Canyonland National Park of Utah
Canyonland National Park is accessible from the north and from the east. From the east you can access the south part of the National Park and take a look at many interesting archeological items including the Newspaper Rock. The Newspaper Rock is located along the local Road No 211. The same road will lead you to the Needles formation within the Park. For the North entrance you have to drive beyond Moab and take the local Road No 313 to the National Park facilities. One of the features of the North Park is the Mesa Arch and the Grand View Point Overlook. To have a picture what the Canyonland National Park is about you have to visit both parts of the great area. The experience is totally different for each part so seeing one without the other will not give you the full picture. On the way in and out of Canyonland are the State of Utah parks and recreation areas.
Interactive Map
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