Interactive Map of Nevada

Nevada is the 7th largest American State. It was admitted to the Union in the year of 1864 with the signature of Abraham Lincoln. Nevada as you probably know is most desert State with Interstate Highways running from the east to Reno and Las Vegas. The total area of Nevada is 110 000 square miles. Despite the vast desert area Nevada is very diversified land. Rich in minerals Nevada is bearing the name "The Silver State". Nevada is the driest State of the whole United State and the most urban one with more then 80% of its population living in cities. The largest and most dynamic City is Las Vegas. Just beside Las Vegas is the Mead Lake created by the erection of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Mysterious and picturesque is Nevada the destination for tourists (and gamblers) from all around the World. Come to Las Vegas and you will see the World in cross section. From Sahara to New York - everything is here.

Interactive Map

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