Interactive Map of San Francisco in California
San Francisco is totally dominated by water. On the West Side, there is the Pacific Ocean, from the east is the San Francisco Bay with direct link to the Ocean, just below the famous Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is a very colorful City. You can find here not only many architectural wonders, but also various diversified ethnic communities. Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest on the North American continent. There is also substantial Latino and Spanish presence here. San Francisco is a very pleasant City to live in. Many walking and bike trails are crossing the City in all directions. Endless beaches are the magnets for visitors from most of the World. Nightlife, plentiful of bars, restaurants and classy hotels is making the stay in San Francisco one, never ending adventure. The numbers of theaters and museums is staggering. You will never be able to attend or see all of them. You will be coming back, whenever you could.
Interactive Map
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